M5 BL Mini

A new generation of tilting kettles

Our new M5 tilting kettles has a new control panel in the form of a graphic touchscreen that provides a clear overview and is easy to use. It is also possible to control multiple functions at the same time.

Volume : 50 L
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600mm tipping height.
Bolt-Less installation. M5BL is completely freestanding on legs and does not need to be bolted to the floor. No drilling that could damage the floor waterproofing is required during installation.
Technical design according to SS-EN 13886.
The cooker is of stainless steel construction with a fully welded, acid-proof stainless steel pot.
Hygienic design with a minimum of components on the outside of the cooking pot.
Well insulated pot for good stability, low external temperature and high energy efficiency.
The pressure vessel is designed so that the heating elements are submerged regardless of the position of the vessel. No dry cooking is possible.
Automatic water filling of the steam jacket.
Wide heavy-duty lip on the pot minimises spillage and ensures that the silver plate does not fail.
All equipment required to operate the tilting kettle and stirrer is located in the right-hand column of the pot.
Very easy service access via the cooking pot pillar with only one lock per service hatch.
Power switch for electrical connection integrated in the right-hand pillar of the cooking pot.
Water connections equipped with pre-closing valves and back suction protection type EB according to SS-EN 1717.
The cooker can be adapted at the factory for electrical and water connection from the wall/installation duct or from the ceiling. Electricity connection for Cu cable only. If Al cable is to be used, an adapter is required.
Enclosure class IPX5.


Spring-balanced plastic hinged lid. The insulating properties of the material result in over 20% lower surface temperature than a stainless steel lid at normal operating and ambient temperatures, thereby reducing the cooker's energy consumption.
The insulating plastic lid significantly reduces the risk of burns and saves energy compared to a stainless steel lid.
Plastic lids provide a good working environment with more than 20dB (A) lower noise level than a stainless steel lid. The noise level of a plastic cover is well below the Occupational Health and Safety Agency's limit values, unlike a stainless steel cover.
The lid can be rotated around its axis, which provides an ergonomic working position and a minimum of spillage/splashing during cleaning.


Electronic control with graphic touch screen for a clear overview and easy operation.
Additional control panel with buttons allowing simultaneous use of steering and water filling regardless of the menu displayed on the touch screen.
Ergonomically correctly positioned control panel.
Integrated web server. Access from a web browser via the local network.
All settings can be made via the local network if required.


Electronically controlled boiling function with dual power stages and advanced temperature measurement with very high accuracy.
The cooking function can be programmed for automatic activation of the heat-holding function after a set time and for delayed start at a specific time.
95% efficiency measured according to EFCEM standard.
Energy measurement via e-log. Energy consumption is summed up locally in the tilting kettles electronics and can be displayed on the touch screen.


Fully automatic water filling with flow measurement in decilitre resolution.
Water-pip placed on the tilting kettle, under the lid for best hygiene.
Manually controlled water filling possible at any time via button on control panel.

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