School restaurant

Uppgårdsskolan, Ekerö Municipality is a public school that makes about 500 portions per day.

We take the opportunity to ask chef Lena Steenhouwer some questions

What's your favorite food?
Tapas. Likes when you get to taste different dishes.

What's the first thing you think of when you see a Getinge tilting kettle?
-The stylish red colour really makes it stand out among other kitchen appliances.

What's the best thing about the cooking pot?
-That it is Swedish made with good technical support if you have any questions. The short agitator shaft that is not in the way if you want to mix yourself as well as the smooth cooling program.

What is the most important thing when buying a machine?
-They should be easy to use and it should be easy to get both service and technical support.

Did you know that the cooking pot was Swedish-made?
Yes, sir.

Do you have any advice for others using Getinge tilting kettle ?
-You should definitely dare to try more than just boiling in the pot, it can do more than that. Wise to book a training session on the pot when it's new so you get tips and ideas.

Do you have any recipe you would like to share for food made in a tilting kettle?

Getinge Storkök thanks for the trust!