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Washing tool ACT. Getinge Storkök has the most complete washing system on the market. A very robust and efficient washing tool with a rotating side brush that reduces the risk of dirt getting stuck in the brush and making it less efficient. 3 dishwashing programs integrated in the kettle's electronic control that automatically sets the correct amount of water, temperature and stirrer programming.

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ACT - dishwashing tools for tilting kettle

The Advanced Cleaning Tool (ACT) is a
tool that quickly and efficiently cleans the cooking vessel and
reduces the workload.
It is controlled by a simple and complete disk system
with three preset programs. Select a programme, add a
add a tablet of ACTab detergent and the washing starts and
automatically. Just rinse out before it's ready to
ready to use again.

- ACT is able to clean a pot without prior soaking
reducing water and energy consumption.
This results in better operating economy and less environmental impact.

- ACT washes with the same efficiency time after time
(accuracy increases as the cleaning process is standardised
with less influence from external factors).

- ACT has a new unique round dishwashing brush that also rotates
around its own axis. This means that it is rinsed off while
and stays free of food debris throughout the washing process.

- ACT significantly increases efficiency because the washing process
faster and even more efficient with our
proprietary ACTab dishwashing tablets.

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