M4 Mini

Technical spec

Intelligent boiling & browning

The boiling function uses double power-stages and precise temperature measurement. This produces rapid heating followed by an even temperature. If a product is put into the pan the control system reacts immediately and restores the temperature. The boiling process can also be time controlled. When the set time has elapsed a heat-retention program takes over. At high temperatures you also have the option of browning directly in the pan.

Controlled tilting

Samtliga kokgrytor i M4 serien levereras med elektroniskt All tilting kettles in the M4 series are supplied with electronically controlled tilting as standard. ART (Automatic ReTilt) automatically retilts the kettle and makes filling simple and highly accurate in all types of receptacles.

Precise water filling

The pipe is mounted directly on the kettle, minimising the risk of contamination via surfaces that are not intended for handling foodstuffs. Water filling is electronically controlled via a flow meter. The precise volume of water is entered on the display.