M4 Maxi IWC

Technical spec

Intelligent boiling & browning

The boiling function uses double power-stages and precise temperature measurement. This produces rapid heating followed by an even temperature. If a product is put into the pan the control system reacts immediately and restores the temperature. The boiling process can also be time controlled. When the set time has elapsed a heat-retention program takes over. At high temperatures you also have the option of browning directly in the pan.

Controlling the core temperature

It is the temperature of the actual food that is decisive for the automatic system in conjunction with boiling and cooling. Perfect for food that easily boils over. A sensor that measures the product's temperature controls the boiling or cooling process. The core temperature is also a prerequisite for logging and follow-up via Getinge Storkök's control program, gs-doc.

Controlled tilting

All tilting kettles in the M4 series are supplied with electronically controlled tilting as standard. ART (Automatic ReTilt) automatically retilts the kettle and makes filling simple and highly accurate in all types of receptacles.

EPrecise water filling

The pipe is mounted directly on the kettle, minimising the risk of contamination via surfaces that are not intended for handling foodstuffs. Water filling is electronically controlled via a flow meter. The precise volume of water is entered on the display.

Powerful stirring

The stirrer has 5 pre-set programs (from 15 to 155 revolutions/min), which cover everything from very gentle stirring to high speed stirring when whisking. The stirrer is very powerful, which means, for example, that it is possible to make mashed potatoes from a full pan of boiled potatoes. The stirring tool is made entirely from stainless steel, is graduated (volume) and easy to insert in the kettle. The stirring tool's scraper is removable. Both stirring tool and scraper are easy to wash up in a dishwasher.

Effective cooling

The cooling function uses ordinary cold water to cool down the tilting kettle's steam jacket. Cooling is electronically controlled, which delivers maximum utilization of the water and a water saving of approx. 30% in comparison with traditional systems.