M4 - Tilting kettle

Technical spec

The new M4 model has an improved and more user-friendly control panel that makes it possible to carry out several operations simultaneously. Control of the core temperature is more precise and the pouring lips have been strengthened. The new flow meter for water filling means that it is now also possible to dose in decilitres. The pan's tightness classification, support and accessibility for servicing have been improved. It goes without saying that we have included the popular and unique turnable lid. With one simple operation you turn the lid on its end and lower it into the pan. All you have to do then is wash it clean with the pistol hose. All in a good working posture. The pan's steam jacket is naturally also fitted with a sealed steam system and automatic water filling. The M4 has also been provided with a number of new accessories including container cradle, foot pedal and e-log. gs-doc (Maxi) has also been developed and become web-based. M4 Hi has a higher tipping height that delivers better ergonomics and simpler portioning.