ACT Washing-up tool

The ACT (Advanced Cleaning Tool) tool cleans the kettle quickly and efficiently and requires minimal working input. The washing-up tool is operated by a simple, comprehensive system incorporating three pre-set programmes. Select your programme, add an ACTab tablet and the cycle will start up and run automatically. Simply wash it out and the system is ready for the next cycle.

ACT can effectively clean a pan without any priorsoaking, reducing water as well as energy consumption. This enables more economical running and reduces environmental impact.

ACT performs with the same efficiency time aftertime (the level of precision increases, as the washing-up process is standardised to a greater degree, with less impact from external factors).

ACT includes a unique circular dish brush which rotates around its own axle. This ensures it is constantly rinsed and kept separate from food remains during the entire washing cycle.

ACT substantially boosts efficiency, as our proprietary ACTab tablets enable a faster, more effective washing-up cycle.